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There is no doubt that movies about casino are sure to be extremely popular among viewers. It is due to mystery, risk and intrigue which are always associated with casino games.

Besides, casino movies are commonly known to have twisted plots, what makes them be so intriguing and amazing. Below, here are reviews of several casino films, which to our minds turn out to be worth seeing.

Casino Royale

In this movie it runs about a banker, Le Chiffre, who appears to be connected with terrorists. On the other hand, he is a skillful gambler and he is eager to win in poker. Indeed, Le Chiffre turns out to be in debt in terrorists. It means that he needs money badly. Actually, it will not be a cup of tea for him, as he plays against Mr. Bond.

Beside the twisted plot, "Casino Royale" can boast of breathtaking action scenes. We advise you should watch this movie.

The Cooler

It tells us a story of Bernie, who has a gift to change casino players' luck. He appears to be a loser at the beginning. Bernie runs errands for his boss, Baldwin. After his acquaintance with Natalie, who is the waitress, his happens to experience some big changes in his life. Watch the movie and check what happens next.

Ocean's Eleven

Actually, this outstanding film appears to be a successful remake of comedy directed by Rat Pack in 1960's. It tells us a story of eleven highly qualified criminals, who are teamed together to rob a bank. Actually, they are hunting for $150 million.

Moreover, this bank appears to be the place, where money from 3 largest casinos in Las Vegas are saved. The owner of all these casinos is Terry Benedict. He happens to date the former girlfriend of Dan, the leader of the gang of criminals. Surely, it makes the story more intriguing. This film is crammed with Hollywood stars, so you will not be sorry to watch it.

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