Casino Royale

Casino Royale is a James Bond movie number 2, and Daniel Craig's first James Bond movie. Written by Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis, and Robert Wade, it takes place at the very start of Bond's life as 007, while earning his license to kill. At Miami, Bond prevents an attack by terrorists and falls in love with Vesper Lynd who is meant to give him the money to foil the plans of Le Chiffre.

This movie is meant to be a reboot, where a brand new narrative framework and timeline is sent in, not meaning to succeed or precede any of the other Bond movies. Because of this, this movie was able to showcase a vulnerable and less experienced Bond. This is also the first movie, where Miss Moneypenny isn't seen. To cast the movie, a vast search for the brand new James Bond was done and when Craig was chosen, a big controversy began. Filming happened in England, Montenegro, Bahamas, Czech Republic, and Italy, though inside sets were also built for some scenes.

Casino Royale made its premiere on Leicester Square in November 2006. The critical response was hugely positive and Craig's performance was especially highlighted as a good reinvention of James Bond. Worldwide, this movie earned more than $594 million, turning it into the top-grossing Bond movie so far.

The Storyline

The movie begins with James Bond on a secret mission - one that, after its success, will give him a 00 status. In Prague, Bond kills Fisher, his ally, and a section chief of MI6, who has let classified information leak. Somewhere else, a man called Mr. White works as a middleman to introduce Le Chiffre, a banker, to a group of guerrillas looking for a place to hide its funds. They are assured by Le Chiffre that no risks exists inside the portfolio; however, there are considerable risks involved in his investments as he short-sells the stocks to successful companies before he plans out terrorist attacks that will sink the share prices.

M then sends James Bond on a mission to Madagascar - his first one, no less - as 007. He is sent to pursue Mollaka, a bomb-maker. After chasing him to the embassy of Nambutu, however, Bond kills him and has to blow up parts of the embassy to get out. He takes Mollaka's cell phone and finds out that Alex Dimitrios has been calling him, Le Chiffre's associate in Bahamas. Bond then goes there and ends up seducing Solange, Dimitros' wife. While taking a call, he learns that Dimitros is going to Miami and Bond tries to run after him. There, he kills Dimitrios before following Carlos, a henchman of Le Chiffre to the airport. He successfully foils the plan to eliminate the Skyfleet airliner prototype there, which ends as a huge loss for the banker.

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