Microgaming happens to be a generous competition sponsor. It has actually sponsored several famous ones, like the poker championship called the "Millions of Monte Carlo" and the cup tournament of "Prima Transatlantic". Online casinos operated by Fortune Lounge or Carmen Media tend to use Microgaming software.

The goal of Microgaming is to create effective software and professional systems of management, so any online operations that the software users use are profitable, fair and reliable all at once. Plus, Microgaming hopes to give its players transparency and fair gaming online.

To attract operators, Microgaming uses Credibility technologies. Therefore, in Microgaming-powered casinos, it is always possible to replay the game's latest action. Because of this, players are confident in the different operators online. Another innovation would be "PlayCheck", with which players get a gaming overview. Conversely, "CashCheck" lets players check out their payouts and purchases at any time.

Microgaming software powers some of the greatest online casinos and poker rooms to date. However, it also provides wireless and lad-based gaming platforms. When putting this software to use, you can take your pick from more than 250 games, while getting one-of-a-kind branding for every poker room and casino. Microgaming has also offered up localized play recently.

Other Software of Microgaming

This company has created Viper software, as well. Through its program of auto play, players can get a gaming experience that is entirely personalized, with game choices that are faster and easier, and playing strategies that can be customized for easier casino navigation overall.

"BetStone" refers to a program that was made for management ease in land-based activities. It includes fraud control and gaming management, as well as various games that you can pick from, accountancy tools and management. The "Merlin" management system will even let you look out for every game, shop and machine out there.

"GameWire" would be Microgaming's mobile gaming solution, so casino games are playable on cell phones. Plus, every game will have a certain casino branding. The package comes with different features, including progressive jackpot games, a vast network coverage and a security tool called "SpinLoc".

Microgaming also powers the Prima Network of Poker, which lets players worldwide play on great poker tables online together. It happens to be the most professional and biggest network out there with games like "Texas Hold'em", "Seven-Card", "Omaha", "Omaha Hi-Lo" and "Five-Card Stud". These games are totally safe because players will not be able to cheat them unless they use collusion. Collusion happens when players share their information with one another, but in order to stay away from this, Microgaming already developed detection software of collusion that keeps full track of every players. Because of this, players can enjoy totally fair and safe games at all times.

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