Playtech came out in 1999 and it is now a huge name in the software development of online casino gaming. It only came out in public in 2005 to get better industry credibility, though. Playtech software has the reputation of being of top quality and of being reliable. Playtech software also happens to be multi-lingual, so it is accessible to bigger audiences, in general. This means that Playtech software lets their players play the games in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. They do not accept players from the US.

Playtech software happens to feature great 2D graphics that hope to make more life-like casinos and more realistic games, as well. The graphics of the software are colorful and very animated, in general, while the websites come with clear and easy navigation. The sound effects of Playtech add to all of the casino atmospheres by being simple and clear, too.

The Games

Playtech software comes with quick gameplay. Their games of slots spin practically instantly as the button is pressed, so there is no need to wait for a long time just to keep playing. Playtech also provides a lot of helpful functions, like letting players take control of the speed of their games, their card sizes and sound effects. Other helpful functions would include being able to access real-time transaction and gaming history to support reps through instant live chat during casino play. One highly exciting Playtech casino feature would be the Live Gaming feature that came out in 2003. This way, players can play in real-time with actual dealers and even chat with the dealers during play. This happens to be a one-of-a-kind feature online.

Although Playtech software doesn't provide a large gaming selection, they are highly enjoyable and unique. Playtech doesn't release brand new games regularly, either, but they are working on getting more games out and have even released various brand new games of slots that can be found at their casinos. Aside from video and classic slots, they also have a lot of games of progressive slots, several of which are highly popular in online gaming and provide huge and impressive jackpots. They also have a lot of multi-spin and multi-line slots games available, as well as play money and actual money modes. With these, you can try out the games and pick the perfect one for you prior to using real money. This selection of games makes Playtech-powered casinos highly attractive to players nowadays.

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