Guy Ritchie is best known to have re-invigorated the film industry of Britain with his unique style of crime and mayhem, and for making people see Englishmen as being highly capable of taking on such film genres to begin with. But then, he screwed up. Not only did he fall in love with Madonna after that, but he also cast her in a movie. Because of this, nobody wanted to distribute "Revolver" anymore, his latest movie.

Revolver - The Storyline

Fortunately, not everybody thinks Ritchie is a god for releasing "Barrels' in 1988 and so, not all people will look at "Revolver" with eyebrows raised. "Revolver" stars Jason Statham, Ritchie's familiar muse, as a man named Jake Green. Green is a gambler who recently got out of jail after seven years - something that can be blamed on low-life criminal and casino owner Macha (played by Ray Liotta). Wanting to get his revenge, Green wins a ton of money from Macha in a gambling session. Unfortunately, he loses all that money after a hit that fails because of Macha. Green then has to rely on some loan sharks called Zach and Avi for salvation.

Zach and Avi claim to know the secret on how Green can stay alive. As a matter of fact, they actually do end up helping him survive in the end. However, Green's saviors want something in return: all of his gambling winnings and his accompaniment on their everyday activities of loan sharking. Whether they ask for this because they are involved in a con or are simply mean-spirited, Zach and Avi use Green's money for loans and get him to hand the money over - just like that. This is a horrible thing to ask a gambler like Green who loves his winnings.

Jason Statham - The Star

At this particular career point, it can be said that Statham is merely doing Ritchie a big favor by being in "Revolver". Covered in an unattractive beard throughout the movie, Statham can hardly be recognized from other roles he has played and he doesn't even get to accomplish anything in this movie as he has done in other movies so far within the last several years. This means that Statham doesn't have any action scenes at all, except for maybe a single gunshot.

Most of the time, as Green, Statham just walks around, drives around, and walks around while listening to various people talk. Sometimes, he talks, too. By the end of the movie, though, people will wonder what Jake Green was even doing in the movie since he didn't do anything remotely interesting in it. It has to be said: there really isn't any wonder why "Revolver" couldn't find a distributor for so long.

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