Legal Notice

  • the casino must not be held responsible when the player loses or forgets his/her account details including username and password. Thus the casino is not liable for any allege in regards to it.
  • under no circumstances the player should let anyone else to play, access account or accept winning reward and use his/her account.
  • when applying for a real money account at Casino the player permits the company to enquire and check on the monetary strength in companion with third parties.
  • depending on the mode of transaction there might be 1% to 3% credit card transaction fees. Moreover third party expenses will also reflect on the players account by either the Card Company or correlated companies.
  • every type of gambling must be made through the Interface being offered by Casino and client software's. Therefore any other ways of gambling is neither addressed nor accepted. Under no circumstances unauthorized client software's should be used as it would lead to nullifying the gambles promptly, cancel the account or suitable actions. If there is any event of multiple browsers being used or any fraud being made on gaining the information in regards to the casino software, it will lead to the surrender of the complete winning amount and canceling of the account.
  • In situation of finance or funds being credited to a players account due to different glitches like human mistake, system glitch, technical error or payout fault etc, the player must revert and notify the company without postponement. The winning amounts reflecting on the players account will not be paid out if it is an error and eventually will be kept hold by the company.
  • In the event of few lead down situations, irrespective of how it has originated, the company will not be responsible to any player or any other person.(a)the malfunction or breakdown to the casino server or trace of any part thereof; (b) Any technical glitch due to the software or hardware which has lead to winning amounts reflecting on the account; (c) any postponement ,loses, fault or slip resulting from transmission errors; (d) the players effort In opting for different ways not followed by the company. (e) Any event or situation which leads to compulsion.

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